Actions By Tori Yanco


1. Choose a Picture, and put into Photoshop
2. Next to the History tab, is a tab named Actions. Click on it.
3.If you only have the default effects click on the side arrow on the far right corner of the History/Actions. While you are in the drop down menu, click on Image Effects.
4. Now pick the effecft you think would be interesting. It will turn blue to show that you have selected it. After you have selected it, click on the play button on the bottom of the History/Actions box.
5. Your photo should have a cool looking effect now.

If You Want to Add a Frame to Your Image

1. Click the side arrow, and click on the Frames option on the drop down menu.
2. Scroll through and find the frame you want, select it, and click the play button.

To Undo

1. Go to the history tab and scroll all the way to the top and click on your picture before you did any edditing.


Before Actions
After Actions
Actions Tool Bar