Overview One of your summative projects for this class is to teach your classmates a skill (go to Grading and scroll down to

Summative Project 1 of 2--You as Teacher. To complete this assignment, you can:

  • select a Photoshop skill from the left sidebar that hasn't already been selected
  • select a Wiki skill from Getting Tricky with Wikis. Add that skill to this page using Heading 1 so it appears in the TofC. Whatever Wiki skill you select must be represented on your Wiki page.

Change Wiki Name

Table of Contents

To insert a table of contents into your wiki, follow the instructions below.

1. At the top of your wiki, enter the following code WITHOUT spaces in between the brackets and letters.
[ [ toc ] ]
2. Anything you want IN your table of contents, you must highlight and using the font selector, put into the HEADING 1 font.
3. Save your wiki and wallah, you have your table of contents :).
Example below.