Photoshop filtering is a great way to make something stand out in a picture more than other objects. You could also use filtering to blur out someones face like I did in this photo. I could see myself using this to make someone stand out more than other people in a picture.


In this photo, you can see the girl jumping on the second to the far left stands out more than the others. The rest of the picture is blurry. This could help you in case you want someone to see an object and make it look important to the rest.


When you clone in photoshop, it has to look realistic. You have to make the surroundings blend together. You could also use this if you would like to put a person or object in a picture they originally werent in. It was not very difficult to remove the pole from this picture, but i can see many mistakes that can be made.

Photoshop Cropping

There were a lot of steps to putting me in this background. It was not very difficult, but I understood it very well. It was also a fun way to add yourself into any place you want. You could also use this on a website for something entertaining to your viewers.


Photoshop Layers

In this activity, we put four layers on our canvas. These layers included a plain white background, a pattern layer, a gradient layer, and a styles layer. After we did this, we drew circles and deleted a hole in each layer so you could see all the layers. I considered it easy but very useful. You could use this if you wanted to edit a photo and show something behind it.


My edited photo

It was very helpful to learn this new tool. If I ever have a photo that is too dark or too light, i know how to fix it. I would recommend everyone learning this tool because it is very useful.


My Attitude

Out of all the attitudes, I chose enthusiasm. It was difficult to create a picture for it, but it helped me understand enthusiasm better. As you can see in my photo, the person is enthusiastic about homework.



I created an avatar for my wiki page because it protects me from showing my real identity. It also keeps me safe from stalkers that want to message or contact me. Creating an avatar is a fun and creative way to keep yourself safe on the internet.


This project really made me think about all the technology we use in daily life. It was hard at first to think of the words, but eventually it got easier. Overall, there are 50 words in this taxedo all referring to technology

Microsft Word Picture Editing

This activity helped me learn a little bit more than i already knew about photo editiong in Microsoft Word. I had known about cropping and adding color, but i hadn't known about adding borders. I'm sure these skills I have learned will help me in the future.

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