Hue and Saturation-Car


Hue and saturation was really cool and it was really fun to change the color for the car.

Zimmer twins was really fun and a great way to show or explain somthing. In the video there is a guy singing and the other guy doesn't like his singing. The boy later apologized and and everyone was happy. I wanted to show that you need to respect people even though they are bad at something. You need to be nic eto your peers and others around you. :)

QR Code

This Summative YOUTEACH QR would be eally useful for high school. I can't wait to try it again next year.

I wanted to tell people that you need to repect people who are different, just like Patrick.

Action Styles


Layer Styles

Layer Styles is a really fun way to be creative and cool.

Making the voki was really fun. I love designing my own character that resembled me. I love bling, New York and singing, so this is definetly me.

Filtering was a really fun process. I loved looking at the different styles and textures. This picture is about respecting animals that are different.

Cropping was a really fun and easy process. I loved putting myself in the pretty picture(:

Background! I loved photoshop because I got to be colorful and creative, it was really fun to work in photoshop using layers.



Since my IB Learner Profile is Respect, I chose to represent that by painting about recycling and respecting the Earth that we have been given.


Learning how to crop and edit my dog picture was a fun and easy task. It was fun to make this pictures my own by usingh my unique style.

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I loved doing Tagxedo because you got to get really creative with the words you chose and the colors and shapes. My IB Learner Profile that I picked was respect and I found synonyms to that word that I really liked. I thought Tagxedo was really cool to see the words pop out at you just like the words I picked for respect.


This my Avatar. I made her really creative-looking and fun just like me. I love to be different from others and I think this is definetly different. :)