2010-2011 T1

Summative Project=

November 16th, 18th
  • Speed quiz--last of the trimester. This is graded
  • Take this time to work on your two summative projects
    • Teach a skill
    • Collage
  • Click here for more directions
  • Done? Make sure your projects are on the Project pages in the lefthand sidebar


Custom Shapes

November 9th, 11th
Go the TypingTest.com and take two practice speed quizes in preparation for next week's graded speed quiz

Now Photoshop. First, Actions
  • Open one of the pictures you've drawn this trimester (the collage, your class picture, etc)
  • Go to the Actions tab on the right side of the Photoshop screen
  • Select frames (if you don't see it, use the arrow to see more 'actions')
  • Push the go arrow to put a frame around the picture
  • Go to the 'frame' layer and adjust the appearance with the 'styles' tab if you'd like
  • Here's mine:
Now, try a different Action--Quadrants
  • You can use the same picture or open a different one
  • Go to the Actions tab on the right side of the Photoshop screen
  • Go to images effects-quadrants
  • Push the go arrow to recolor your image in four colors
  • Here's mine:

Now, Custom Shapes
  • Open a picture you'd like to decorate
  • Open the 'custom shapes' tool under the Rectangle Tool
  • Go to the top toolbar and select a shape you like--or several
  • Add some to a picture of you--a crown, a fence, etc.



Render Clouds


November 2nd

First, Render Clouds
  • Select your class picture
  • Insert it into its own layer
  • Select background layer
  • Select a foreground and background color. These will be the colors of your clouds.
  • Filter-render-clouds
  • Save and insert into your wiki page
Second, Spotlight
  • Filter-render-lighting effects or lighting flare. Play with these. You'll want to use them in your summative project
  • Save and insert into your wiki



Oct. 26th, 28th

First, do this collage project in layers:

This is how you will do your summative project on Earth Day--find lots of pictures, add each to its own layer, filter/format them, artfully arrange them to tell your story. You will have to use 20 tools; you now have 15. We're almost there.
  • Open a new canvas
  • Add four layers
  • Name the layers 'House', 'tree', 'person', 'pet
  • Google for examples of each of these and add them to their correct layer
    • save the picture to your folder
    • open as a separate item
    • select the background with the magic wand
    • select-inverse to select only the image of the dog/tree/house
    • drag and drop into your collage canvas
  • you must be in their layer to move them around
  • add a layer called 'street'
  • use your paint brush to draw a street
  • go to the layers with the dog, tree, house to arrange them around your street
  • select the background layer
    • use the paint bucket to fill it with a background that fits the picture
    • use the paint brush to add grass
  • Use your paint tool to add sun, clouds, flowers so you have a complete picture
  • add text
    • select T tool (this will add a text layer on the right)
    • Adjust size to 48 or 72
    • type title in
    • format with the 'style' tab on right (remember this from your 'style' project)
    • format the shape ('warped shape' tool)
    • if you get out of the text, reselect the layer and reselect the T tool to format
  • Remember: you must be in the object's layer to format the object
  • Save to your wiki as a jpg. Also save as a .psd (Photoshop document) so we can use it later.

Now we'll create a shadow for an image
  • View this video.
  • Google an animal (or use your class picture).
  • Copy-paste it to a new canvas
  • Crop if needed so all you have is the animal (as per the video example)
  • Create a shadow of it by following the video

Now return to the layer picture
  • create a shadow of each item in the picture
  • save collage again and add to your wiki
Done? Make sure your projects are included under the Project pages on the left sidebar. If yours isn't, add it (use edit)


Oct. 21st

There are three projects on this day:
  • hue/saturation
  • straighten out the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • change car color
Here's what you do for Hue/Saturation
  • Copy-paste the picture of the pumpkin below to your Photoshop
  • pumpkin_copy.jpg
  • On the menu bar, choose Image-Adjustments-Hue/saturation
  • In the dialog box, drag the Hue, Saturation, Lightness sliders left or right until the pumpkin is the color you want. Don't worry about the rest of the picture. We'll take care of that later.
  • blue_pumpkin--all_copy.jpg
  • Click OK on dialogue box to finish.
  • Set the History Brush (from last lesson) to sample the original picture and paint over all of the areas in the picture except the pumpkin. Leave that blue (or whatever color you selected).
  • blue_pumpkin_copy.jpg
  • Select a picture from Windows Wallpaper (Network, Zeus, K-4 students, My Pictures, Windows Wallpaper)
  • Make it black and white
  • use the history brush to paint a focal point back to its original color
  • Save to your wiki and label them 'Hue/Saturation'
  • For example:

Car Color

Google your favorite car and change the color.
  • Copy-paste a picture of your favorite care into PS from Google images
  • Use Hue/saturation to change the car's color
  • Use history brush to paint the rest of the picture back to the original color
  • Or, come up with your own way
Put both pictures in your wiki so I can see the difference

Straighten Off-center Photo

We'll straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • ´╗┐Copy paste this picture into Photoshop
  • duplicate the layer. Rename it 'leaning tower'
  • Select the tower in your 'leaning tower' layer with the marquee tool
  • Straighten it with the 'free transform' menu command
  • Does it look like this?
  • Add a title with the text tool
  • save to your wiki (before and after); make sure it shows in the table of contents

Catch up/Get Ahead

Oct. 19th
Use this day to
  • catch up what you're missing in your TofC. Grade updates will be out on Friday. Check your discussion tab for what I think is missing.
  • learn a new skill to show the class. This is part of the class requirements and must be completed before this trimester ends. You must:
    • use the skill/tool/technique in a project
    • show your classmates how to do it on your wiki page
    • add it to your table of contents
Visit the internet start page for links that might help you.
  • practice your keyboarding on TTL4
  • Try art history brush and hue/saturation on your own. Or, see if you can straighten out the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Erase Red Eye

Erase Blemishes

Whiten Teeth

Oct. 11th, 13th

  • Finish cropping out the palm tree from the wedding picture
  • Finish adding this week's projects, as well as journal and descriptions to your wiki page
  • Start on Editing Photographs
    • get rid of red eye with the magic wand and paint bucket fill (black for the pupil with opacity set to 40%)
    • get rid of blemishes with the healing brush
    • whiten teeth with the dodge tool (20% and midtones)
  • When you're finished, fix up your class picture.
  • Put all pictures in your wikipage gallery


Filtering pictures

  • Copy-paste this picture
  • 3A5C4BAA.jpg
  • filter.jpg
  • Try different Filters. Take a snapshot of those you like
  • Take a screen shot of at least one for your wiki
  • Now, select quadrants with the marquee tool and filter each quadrant differently
  • quads.jpg
  • Now select a new picture from Network-Zeus-K-4 students-My Pictures-Wallpaper. Select detail from this picture and filter just the detail. I've selected just two of the elephants and filtered them. Then, I selected the background and blurred it. Do you like it?
  • filter_images.jpg
  • Now select the main image in your picture; select inverse (so everything is selected except your main image) and filter the picture
  • paint_daubs.jpg
  • Which do you like best?

History Brush

Here's another way to filter just part of your picture:
  • Open a picture, like this one of the dogs
  • Dogs.gif
  • Filter it, say, as paint daubs
  • dogsdaubs.jpg
  • Go to history; select the original picture and click the space in front of it
  • dogs_history.png
  • Use the history brush on the left and paint over some of the dogs--they return to their original pristine condition
  • dogs_history.jpg

Art History Brush

One more way to filter a picture is with the art history brush.
  • Use your original picture.
  • Click hold the history brush and you'll see another brush called the art history brush. Select it.
  • Select the 'oil sketch' Art History brush from the collection at the top left.
  • art_history.png
  • Paint it with the art history brush you've selected
  • dogs_art_history.jpg
  • Now use the history brush. Set the anchor to the original picture. Paint part of your picture back to the original
  • dogs_art_history_II.jpg

Oct. 7th
Catch up on wikis
  • Check the comments I added to your Discussion Boards on your student pages
  • Add a Table of Contents to your Student Page
    • add ''[ [ t o c ] ] ' (without the apostrophes or spaces) aligned right, normal font
    • make sure each week's project has a title, in Heading 1 font

Cloning and decloning

Oct. 5th

  • Using the clone tool, we can start with a picture of flowers
Use Alt to set your anchor point
Paint with your mouse to add more flowers
Or pick the flowers
Or clone from one picture

to another
Now start with this picture and get rid of the palm tree that's messing up the background


Sept. 30th
  • Copy-paste both of these pictures into PS
  • On lizard picture, create another layer called 'lizard' (from 'layer' 'duplicate layer')
  • Notice which layer you're on
  • Use marquis tool to crop around lizard. Doesn't work well.
  • Use lasso tool to crop around lizard. Make sure you connect ends. Much better
  • Are the ants around the lizard? If not, Select Inverse
  • Change to Move tool
  • Drag and drop onto Colosseum
  • Resize with Edit, Free Transform
  • save
  • copy to your wiki gallery
Open your school picture--this time, we'll crop with the magic wand
  • Select the magic wand
  • check the toolbar at the top--select 'add to' (the second icon)
  • delete all the yellow background. You'll know you're done when the the 'ants' go around the entire picture
  • open background picture from 'Windows Wallpaper' under K-4 students, My Pictures, Windows Wallpaper (or use Colosseum)
  • Select-inverse to get 'ants' going around you rather than the blank background
  • drag-drop your cropped pic to background
  • free transform (edit-free transform)
  • save and post to wiki
Done? Go to Tag Galaxy and play



Sept. 28th
Speed quiz

Reminder: Final project is to use 5 tools you learned to create a poster. Remember these tools

Reminder: Be sure to complete a weekly journal--what we did, what you liked/didn't, what was hard/easy,

Reminder: Visit other students wikipages. Leave comments. DO NOT EDIT THEIR PAGES! This will get you in trouble.

Auto--arrange workspace--windows, workspace, default workspace

Style and Gradient tools
  • Open a new canvas. Make it 4 by 4
  • go to layer-duplicate layer and duplicate the background layer
  • check right side and be sure the duplicate background layer is selected
  • double click and rename it 'styles'
  • go to styles (right side) and experiment with the colors. Click and they will show up
  • Click the eye in front of the styles layer to make it disappear
  • Go to the layer icon and create a duplicate layer
  • Name it 'Gradient'
  • Pick your gradient tool as follows:
  • Drag mouse across screen and create a background
  • Smudge with smudge tool--be sure you're on the correct layer
  • Take a screen shot and upload to your wiki page


Sept. 23rd

Catch up on wikis... (if needed, for rest of class)
  • add wiki page
  • add gallery to wiki
  • add journal entries
  • visit classmate's pages and discuss (review wiki rules so you do this correctly)
  • finish your Teach the Class project
Done? Practice TTL4



Sept. 21st
  • take digital pictures of you for later use
  • Review layout of Photoshop desktop
  • Auto-arrange workspace--windows, workspace, default workspace
  • show how menus change with tool,
  • right-click copy this picture
  • create a new image. Look at the 'new image' dialogue
    • leave defaults for now. Because you have an image in your clipboard, it'll size for the clipboard contents
    • paste the image into the new blank file
    • make auto adjustments under 'image', 'adjustments'
      • levels
      • contrast
      • color
    • save image to your file folder
    • copy into your wiki page
  • open another new image file
    • add a title--paint brush
      • make the width/height 4x5
      • check the image size
      • change background contents to 'background color'
      • leave the rest for now
  • use paint brush tool--dot in corner shows different types of brushes. Select 'paint brush'
    • select brush size 20 from top toolbar
    • select a traditional brush first, then others from brush choices
    • leave 'opacity' and 'flow' for later
    • draw anything
    • change brush and change foreground color
    • add brushes (little arrow by brush dialogue) and append list
    • see how the paint brush color matches the foreground color
    • go to Navigator--enlarge and delarge
    • go to Channel---hide some of the channels
    • go to history--go back in time
    • draw a picture of yourself (or your favorite pet) with at least five brushes, five different colors.
  • Save image and discuss how PS saves

Draw Photoshop picture with paint brushes
  • see how the paint brush color matches the foreground color
  • go to Navigator--enlarge and delarge
  • go to Channel---hide some of the channels
  • go to history--go back in time
  • draw a picture of yourself (or your favorite pet) with at least five brushes, five different colors.
  • save and paste into wiki (for homework)

Word image Editing

Sept. 16th
  • Map network drives to your file folder
    • go to 'computer' on Start menu
    • go to 'Map Network Drive'
    • go to H:
    • Browse, to
      • Zeus
      • StudentFolders
    • Add your firstname.lastname
    • Save
  • MS Word Skills
    • Add your name at the top of the document with correct 8th grade heading
    • copy-paste this image a new MS Word doc
    • Select the image; go to 'format'
    • Crop each image so it's separate
    • add a border
    • cant the figure to a different angle
    • try the other picture formatting tools available on MS Word (click the picture and they'll show up on the ribbon or right-click and select 'format picture')
    • Note: Not all pictures allow for all background changes--this is where Photoshop is great
    • print and save
    • Here's a sample:
    • word_image_formatting.png
    • try another one from one of these pictures



Avatars, Seals, Tagxedos

Sept. 14th
  • Introductions
  • Pass out course intro
  • Explain grading
  • join wiki before next week (this is homework)
  • add your page to the wiki once you've joined (this is homework)
    • go to 'new page' in sidebar
    • name your page with your first name only
    • select the template 'student page'
    • add tags that describe your page--what are tags? Answer that in your journal
    • click 'create'
  • Create a word cloud with Tagxedo about what you want to learn in this class about Photo editing
    • You have many options. Review the website and then start entering words
    • Pick the appearance of your word cloud
    • save and print
  • Create your avatar
    • go to Avatar creators on internet start page
    • select 1, 2 or 3. Follow directions on webpages.
    • save and print
  • Create a seal
    • go to Seal Maker on internet start page
    • create as directed on webpage.
    • save
    • print

  • Homework? Anything you didn't finish above.
  • All of the pictures you created above will go on your personal webpage as a gallery