Here's how to use the facial repair tools (Show step-by-step instructions including before-and-after examples--include your name so I know who gets credit):

Alana Mellgren
1. Open Photoshop and open a blank canvas.
2. Go to file, open, Zeus, K-4 Students, Smaa 10-11 pics and choose a photo to put on your canvas.
3. Choose the spot healing brush from tools and click over spots you want to remove and it will remove them.
4. Hold down on the healing brush tool and click Red Eye Tool, then drag the cross to the center of the eye and click, it should remove the red eye.
5. Choose the dodge tool from the tools and drag it around your teeth to make them look whiter.
By following these steps, your photo should be blemish free, red-eye free and have white teeth!
Before After

Here are examples of student projects using this tool:

This includes
  • red-eye removal
  • blemish removal
  • whitening teeth

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