Here's how to use the Gradient tool by: Rylee Fansler

1. Open a new canvas

2. Select duplicate layer and duplicate the background layer
3. Double click the duplicated background layer and rename it "Styles"
4. Click the styles button located on the right side
5. Look through the colors and choose one you like
6. Located next to the layers is an eye. Click the eye in front of the "Styles" layer to make it disappear
7. Go to the layer icon and create another duplicate layer. Call this new layer "Gradient"
8. Pick gradient as follows:
9. On your toolbar select the gradient tool (located underneath the art history brush)
10. Once selected, look to the top of your screen for a drop down list of gradients
11. Next to the drop down list is a group of gary looking boxes. These boxes determine how your gradient looks on your canvas

My Gradient:
´╗┐Tyler Boice's Gradients: