• Reflective Journal kept as part of the student's wiki page--20% of grade. Details below.
  • Art gallery on student's web page--20% of grade. Details below.
  • Lesson student prepares and teaches to classmates on a wiki skill--20% of grade. Details below.
  • Summative project that demonstrates student mastery of Photoshop skills--20% of grade. Details below.
  • Weekly class participation--20% of grade. Details below.
  • Extra Credit--5 points for each project (see below)

Project Reflection:

For each project, tell me:
  • what you learned about Photoshop and yourself from the project.
  • What you liked/didn't like.
  • Reflect on how you might use it in your academic classes or life in general

Be reflective. Use 3-5 full sentences, good grammar and spelling

Projects and Skills Gallery

Check the projects listed on the sidebar to the left. These are the projects that will be required in your personal art gallery (there are a few for extra credit--ASCII Art).

Your Wiki Page

Include everything we do in this class on your wiki page. This means all of the skills and projects that are covered in class. I will grade your completion of these projects (most worth 5 points) when I see them on your Table of Contents. Add a Table of Contents using the wiki code (bracket bracket toc end bracket end bracket) and label each of your projects using Heading 1 so they show up on your Table of Contents. Make sure you spell them correctly!

Summative Project 1 of 2--You as Teacher

Pick a cloud-based Web 2.0 tool from the Summative-You Teach wiki page (see towards bottom).
  • You will work in groups of 4
  • You will prepare this class presentation as homework with your group
  • You will take part of one class to teach the class
  • You will help students put your cloud-based Web 2.0 tool onto their wiki page with a reflection

Summative Project 2 of 2--Collage

  • Pick one of the IB attitudes to use your newly-honed Photoshop skills. Evaluate the importance of this attitude in your life, society and the world. I must approve it before you begin.
  • Select pictures that fit this topic. Analyze them with an eye to communicating your ideas on this topic. Evaluate their impact on the topic and organize them so they communicate your thoughts and feelings on this subject. Include at least fifteen skills and fifteen pictures. Be sure that they show respect for others’ viewpoints and appreciate alternative solutions to the problem.
  • Create a Photoshop canvas sized 16x20.
  • Put each picture on its own Photoshop layer.
  • Label each layer with the skill it displays. You should end up with fifteen layers, fifteen skills.See the sheet below for the required skills.
  • Add text that enhances your pictorial message
  • Arrange them artfully in a collage to tell the story you want communicated and to show evidence of original creation.
  • Include a Tagxedo with all the words that apply to this theme (i.e., curiosity) and shape it to fit your topic. This will count as one of the fifteen pictures. Include a minimum of fifty words.
  • Save your summative as both as a psd and a jpg in your file folder and in Zeus-K-4 Students-8th Grade Photoshop Projects
  • Print using Don't print full size--print so it spreads over 2-4 pages.
  • Tape together or mount it on poster board and turn in
Use the check list below to keep track of the skills you use. The first six are listed because they are mandatory. Turn a copy in when you are done with this project:


Class Participation

This reflects your effort and productivity in class. If you talk to your neighbors about your weekend plans, this will not be one of your good grades. If you do your work and assist neighbors with their skills, you'll be happy with this grade.

Extra Credit:

Would you like to write an article for my technology blog, Ask a Tech Teacher? Would you like 5 points Extra Credit? Here's what you do:
  1. Visit the blog
  2. Review a few of the articles to get a sense of the structure
  3. Write a post about your thoughts on technology as an eighth grader, how you use your technology, what you see in the future, or a book review on a book that relates to the topic
  4. All articles must be up-beat, positive encouraging to readers. A sense of humor is welcome

You may also write a post for my other blogs: