Summative Collage

The Summative Collage was the final project we did in Technology. It was really interesting to make this project because I was able to see everything I accomplished this trimester. I was actually surprised to see how much work I put in during this trimester in such a little time. In the middle was a short sentence showing what does it mean to be appreciative. For each project I was told to incoperate my attitude into each project, and now I know what being appreciative is all about. I will miss this class once I move on to high school and hopefully there will be a class for me to sign up for just like this class


Today I learned how to make a ZimmerTwin Movie. It was a really fun project, so far the best project I accomplished this year. I made this by using a website called ZimmerTwin.com. There, I learned how to make a movie by picking certain slides through the different variety in the choices. I made my movie about one person getting made fun of and then their friend comes and tell them that they are awesome and not funny looking. The person who was getting made fun of, gave a letter to their friend and appreciated the act they did. I really liked this program and hopefully I will use it in classes in the future that consist of media production (which I actually want to major in).

Cast and Drop Shadows

For this project, I was able to learn how to do Cast and Drop Shadows. This picture shows the ego of me, a studen, and the alter ego a teacher. This picture shows my attitude appreciation because students sometimes appreciate when they are given the chance to learn. My alter ego is a teacher because I'm not actually old enough to teach. To do this project, I was given the instructions to watch videos in order to be able to do my cast shadow. Afterwards I was set and ready to make mine. It was really easy to do this and also a lot of fun. The only difficulty I had was when I needed to move the shadow the different way since I didn't have enough room on the other side. I may use this in other classes when I want my picture to look more advanced.
QR Code
This scan bar code project was really fun to use and easy. I can see myself using this when I'm in High School to figure out codes if I'm in a specific class. My QR said "I am appreciative." I put that because it was my attitude. I am appreciative for this project and I'm happy that the teachers were able to help me properly with this project. I can't wait to try out QR codes again.



These four pictures above show what happened when I used Actions in photoshop. It was sort of fun but also really hard to accomplish. I had to go through many steps and sometimes it seemed as if my computer didn't like me because it wouldn't correspond with what I was doing. I can use this tool in other classes when I explain backgrounds to a class of some sort. Hopefully in the future it will get more advanced and work well for me.


This image shows what I can do in Jing. Jing is a program where you screenshot different images to show things. I used jing to show my attitude Appreciation. This cartoon is recycling because he's appreciating the nature from not litering. I can use this program when I'm showing the important facts in a paper. This was an easy program.

Hue Saturation Car



These two images show what you can do while learning about Hue Saturation. In this project I was taught to change the color in the car even if it was the same image. There were not a lot of difficulties during this project, but if there was a small one I was able to use common sense to figure it out. I can use Hue Saturation in other projects at school or on my free time when I want to change the color of a picture. This shows appreciation because these cars dont use a lot of gas and they probably arent the reason for global warning.

Hue Saturation

In this picture shows the colors of appreciation in friendship. When you have a nice long lasting friendship with someone the true colors of yourself and the other one comes out. You can be your complete self around them without being judged. This project was really fun and I knew what to do because I have used hue saturation before. The only trouble I had was when I added new layers as I colored it in. I might use this in photoshop classes like yearbook or media if I'm trying to show the best of something in the picture.


Today was a YouTeach presentation and the project was Voki. My voki explained my attitude Appreciation very well because the person has a flower in her hair appreciating nature. This voki can communicate my attitude better than a normal picture because it can speak to you. I would use this in other projects or classes when I want to entertain the audience better. There were no troubles during this project because it was really easy to do everything, all you needed was common sense. I can't wait to play around with this site because it was so much fun.


Today we learned how to filter our pictures. This was a really easy and fun lesson. For my project I edited a picture of bunnies who are enjoying and appreciating the comfort of each other. I blurred out one of my bunnies because it shows that even though the the normal bunny know he is kissing him, he might not appreciate that fact that he is really there. When filtiring the image it changes more than half of the effect on the picture. I might use this in media classes or film classes that I will use in the future when I want to show an intense effect for something. This was not difficult at all, everything was fairly simple and easy to use because it was right there. I have seen this on different media picture sites like picnik or different editing blogs. I hope to use this in the future in my free time or in class.



This picture shows the IB Learner Profile Appreication because it shows how people appreciate nature. Down below shows how butterflies flutter around nature and they themselves appreciate nature too. I really like this program but it is hard to work with sometimes. It would freeze and other times it would be hard to use the Lasso tool. I could use this project in other technology classes.


Up above shows my Background Project. This project was fun but confusing as well. Adding each layer was scary because I didn't want to mess up my entire project. Another difficulty was adding the Marquee Tool onto each layer. For some reason my Style layer and Gradient layer was not letting me add the Marquee Tool in there. That's why I only have four layers other than five. Other than the difficulties in this project it was really fun being able to pick different styles, gradients, and colors to be put into the backgrounds. There was so many choices. I will probably use this program maybe in my free time or in other classes when I get to place a background into my project.


Today I worked with Adobe Photoshop Paint. It was the first time I used this program and it was fairly easy to work with! My attitude is Appreciation so I drew a picture of three friends appreciating their friendship together. I really liked all the easy tools we were able to use to make our project. Although some of the troubles was erasing some things. I will be able to use this in other classes when I want to represent a certain thing in my project. Hopefully I will be able to use this more often.

Word Graphic Editing


Working with the MS Word Photo Editing was pretty simple. I have used these tools before in school projects so it was easy to get around them. During the process, I was able to work with different picture styles, borders, and effects. The only challenge during this project was finding the tools in the word document, other than that it was a simple project. In the future I will be able to use this for projects to edit pictures that way the picture will look more interesting to read.


Up above shows my Tagxedo Appreciation Project. This short project showed how other words correspond with my IB Learner Profile Appreciation. I really enjoyed the process throughout this project because it was simple and a lot of fun! During the designing part I was able to pick the shape, font and theme I wanted for my Tagxedo. Although as I tried to add my active Tagxedo with the words popping up into my page, nothing would show up. This can help during other classes if I want to show a collage of words that go with something I am talking about. In the future I hope to use Tagxedo again.

Your avatar

Up above is my avatar. This shows the attitude Appreciation because of the simple like creature of a butterfly. Butterflies flutter around in the world appreciating Mother Nature's enivornment. I can use this in the future by showing people what its like to appreciate something in different ways, such as building an avatar that interperts your true attitude. I like this avatar because it shows how important it is to remember your attitudes even if its a hard way to show it.

You Teach

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