Layer Project

By: Madeline Morales

  • Open adobe photoshop
  • Open a new canvas
  • Create four new layers by going to the layers workspace and selecting the button next to the trash can
  • Name the layers you want your pictures to be of for example mine was dog, street, tree and house
  • Copy images from the internet for dog, tree and house and paste them to the correct layer
  • Make sure you are on the layer when you paste the picture so you can move it around
  • Click on the street layer and use the paint brush to draw a street
  • Go to the layers with the dog, tree and house so you can arrange the pictures around the street
  • Select the background layer
  • Use the paint brush, and change the brush to grass and paint grass on the background the paint tool to add sun, clouds, flowers, birds etc. if you want
  • To add text select the T tool, which will add a text tool on the right
  • Adjust the size at the type, and type the title in
  • You can format with the style tab on the right
  • You can format the text, on the top of the page to the right of the color you can click that and change the angle of the text
  • When you think you are done you can save it and add it to your wiki page

This is my example of the Layer Project: