Here's how to use MS Word's Image Editing Tools (Show step-by-step instructions including before-and-after examples--include your name so I know who gets credit):

How to Use Microsoft Word Picture Editing Tools

By Matthew Bartush

  • First, start out with this picture:


  • Then, paste this picture into Microsoft Word.
  • Once you have pasted this into Word, make sure you are in the format (picture settings section (you will be using this throughout the entire process.
  • Then, copy make 3 more copies of the picture, and then crop each picture so that one person is showing on each picture (Mak sure that the person on each is different).
  • When you have cropped the pictures, under the format section, you can change the brightness, color, add effects, and borders to the picture.
  • When you are completely done, it should look somewhat like this:MS_word_skills_example_matthew_JPEG.jpg
  • You can customize any picture in many ways, but if this is your first time doing this, you should start out with the example picture.

Here are examples of student projects using this tool:


Tyler Boice's Peeps