Here's how to use the Spot Healing Brush tool: Anthony Falco

1. Firstly to find the tool hold down your curser on the band aid symbol. Three options should appear on the right hand side click on healing brush. (see in example below)
external image photoshop-healing-brush.gif
2. A small brush should appear on the screen if not go up to the corner of the page under file and Edit and pick the brush size you see fit.

3. Then pick an anchor that is similar to the spot or blemish you are trying to eliminate. ( You pick an anchor by pressing down on the spot with you mouse and pressing Alt at the same time.)

4. Once you have picked an appropriate anchor slowly start to move the brush over the blemish being fully aware of the anchors location at all times.

5. Once you are finished continue to eliminate blemishes but pick the appropriate anchor every time. HAVE FUN!

See Examples:




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