Summative Project 1 of 2--You Teach

  • This is homework--you will not get class time to complete. This is the only homework you have this trimester (unless you don't finish the weekly projects). Work in a group of four
  • Select a cloud-based/Web 2.0 tool from the list below. Claim it by putting it on the Scavenger Hunt list. If you haven't claimed one by the third class of the trimester, I'll assign it.
  • Teach the class how to use this tool and add it to their wikipage.
  • Presentations will start the third or fourth week of class. I'll let you know.
  • This is worth 20% of your grade.

List of Web 2.0 tools you can select are below. Some of them require a download to your computer or ask you to sign up for an account. Check with your parents. If this is not permitted in your family, pick a different tool.

  • made simple. Brainstorm the Photoshop class based on the What We Did This Week timeline
  • Getting Tricky with Wikis and teach the class how to add pizzazz to their wiki pages. There are many ideas. Pick one you like.
  • iMindMap--tell me how you brainstormed and learned this new Web 2.0 tool. Requires a download, but it's free
  • Jing--screencast how you learned this new skill. Free download (Alanna, Julie, Celena)
  • Make a Podcast—you pick the platform; share it with us and embed it into your wiki
  • Poll Daddy—create a poll on a topic (related to one of your classes) and embed it into your wiki. Invite all your classmates to answer the poll.
  • QR Codes--put lots of information in a small space (Corinne, Allison)
  • Scratch--Create and share stories, games, art, etc. Embed it into your wiki (Ashley, Brianna, Skylar)
  • Timelines--Create a timeline of this class. Pick Xtimelines or Timetoast
  • Voki--Get your own avatar and even have it talk with your voice. Create a Voki to teach classmates how to perform a Photoshop skill or some activity in a different class (get my approval). Embed into your wiki (Colin, Andrew, Brenden, Dylan)
  • Wolfram Alpha widget creator—create, share widgets. Embed a widget you created into your wiki
  • Zimmer Twins--Communicate ideas by creating a comic (Zach, Logan, Spencer, John)

For How-to videos, click here

During your presentation:

  1. Tell students how the selected Web 2.0 tool communicates ideas
  2. Demonstrate how to use the program
  3. Guide students in creating their own project
  4. Provide trouble shooting and problem-solving tips that you discovered as you learned to use it.
  5. Help students to embed their project into the wiki page provided
  6. Review what students should learn from this tool

Tentative due dates (check back for final dates):
  • Thursday, April 12th--Voki (Colin, Andrew, Brenden, Dylan)
  • Thursday, April 19th--Jing (Alanna, Juliet, Celina)
  • Thursday, April 26th--QR Codes (Corinne, Allison)
  • Thursday, May 3rd--Zimmer Twins (Zach, Logan, Spencer, John)
  • Thursday, May 10th--Scratch (Ashley, Brianna, Skyler)

Not available:
  • Monkey Mail
  • Glogster--Great way to communicate ideas via a poster. Create a poster on a topic for one of your classes and embed it into your wiki