Here's a list of Web 2.0 Tools you can use to expand and enrich the conversations you have in your classes. Enjoy!

  1. Scratch--Create and share stories, games, art, etc. Embed it into your wiki
  2. Voki--Get your own avatar and even have it talk with your voice. Create a Voki to teach classmates how to perform a Photoshop skill or some activity in a different class (get my approval). Embed into your wiki
  3. Glogster--Great way to communicate ideas via a poster. Create a poster on a topic for one of your classes and embed it into your wiki
  4. Poll Daddy—take a poll on a topic (related to one of your classes) and embed it into your wiki
  5. Videos and screen shots with Jing and Screencast--
  6. Wolfram Alpha widget creator—create, share widgets for free. Embed a widget you created into your wiki
  7. Make a Podcast—you pick the platform; share it with us and embed it into your wiki